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  • Quick-Tip #1: How to make bars / rods
  • Quick-Tip #2: How to make sheets
  • Quick-Tip #3: What to do with waste / scrap pieces?
  • Quick-Tip #4: How to make a screw
  • Quick-Tip #5: Different heat sources

Quick Examples:

  • Quick-Example #1: How to make a tripod wall mount?

Video Explanations:

  • Hand-Formable Video Explanation
  • Super Strong Video Explanation
  • Unlimeted Reusability Video Explanation
  • Easy Repairability Video Explanation

Don’t miss:

  • Playing around with C9 #1: Slingshot





July 31st, 2012|Categories: Compound 9|0 Comments

What drives us?

We want to rethink what 3D-Printing and Pototyping means – and how things can be created in our days.
We believe in the advantage of intuitive learning which can be fun and happens right within your hands.
By developing modern Nano-Materials that can change mechanical properties within seconds, we want to give you the capability to build everything you can imagine.

This is C9, handformable & reusable carbon:

We are in the very beginning of everything and need to explain and demonstrate this technology.
We need people who love the idea and want to work or help on this, regardless of how.

We would be happy to hear from you, please











July 31st, 2012|Categories: Compound 9|0 Comments
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